You can Protect your belongings and Protect the assets you’ve worked so hard for!

Personal Property – Las Vegas Renters Insurance provides coverage for your household contents and personal belongings. You may think your couch, coffee table, sweaters, shoes, coats, TV, VCR and CD player aren’t worth a lot but those items all add up.

Personal Liability – In the event someone is injured on your property or you damage property that belongs to others, you could be held legally liable for the injury or damage. The renters policy provides personal liability coverage to financially protect you should this ever occur.

When you are ready to purchase your own home, discover the benefits of a homeowners or condominium policy.

How much Las Vegas Renters Insurance do you need?

Use our Las Vegas Renters Insurance Home Inventory checklist to list all your possessions, when you bought them and the price paid for them. Review the list with us to decide the coverage you need.

At M Hill Insurance Agency, we understand that no two customers have the same insurance needs. We’ll work hard to give you the best coverage combinations to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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