Las Vegas Notary Bonds | Las Vegas Notary Bond

Clark County and Las Vegas requires a $10,000 Notary Bond for all Notary Publics that includes $5,000 of errors and omissions insurance and our Special Notary Program offers $10,000 of errors and omissions. The cost to you for a Las Vegas Notary Bond with this coverage is only $80.00, and we accept cash, money orders, or credit cards. The entire process only takes a few minutes so call us today at 702-477-7776.

The M Hill Insurance Team brings 30+ years of real world business & accounting experience to the table as your Las Vegas Notary Bond Agent. We can assist you and quickly get a Las Vegas Notary Bond for you. Our office number is 702.477.7776


Las Vegas Notary Bonds


Click Here for the Clark County web site and more info on Las Vegas Notary Bonds and the requirements for being a Notary Public.

Notary Bonds work to protect the public from notarial negligence. Most states require a notary bond to protect the public, not the Notary from negligent mistakes or dishonest acts by a Notary.

  • In Las Vegas Notary Bonds Protect the public – not the Notary – from liability or dishonesty.
  • In Las Vegas Notary Bonds cover monetary damages for claims made against a Notary.

The Five Steps to Becoming a Las Vegas Notary in Nevada

  1. Complete a notary application for a new or renewal appointment
  2. Complete a notary education/training course (if applicable)
  3. Obtain a notary bond and file surety bond
  4. Submit all necessary documents & fee to the Secretary of State’s Notary Division
  5. Obtain a notarial stamp and journal

Las Vegas Notary Bonds

Please contact us at 702.477.7776 for additional information regarding your Las Vegas Notary Bond.