Strong insurance protection for small business
The Builders Risk plan

A partner you can count on

The Carriers we work with have a long history of protecting the assets that small-business owners like you work so hard to build. For more than 30 years, we’ve been pioneering the development of insurance solutions designed for construction professionals. It’s this experience and commitment that make us a partner you can count on.

Service that stands out

We’re one of the only insurance companies with service, safety and claim representatives who are dedicated to the construction industry. That means that we understand your business and know how important it is to get you back to work as soon as possible.

We’ve got you covered

As a specialist in insurance for the construction industry, we offer a wide range of coverages, including:

  • Theft: Equipment to be installed, building and landscaping materials are covered from the moment they are delivered to the job site.
  • Materials in transit and at temporary locations: Protects job materials as well as office and tool trailers. Also includes coverage for materials that are installed or uninstalled, including landscaping.
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown: Covers breakdown of plumbing, air conditioning lines and elevators.
  • Sewers and drains: Covers backup of sewers and drains with no deductible.
  • Laws and ordinances: Provides coverage for losses due to changes in laws or ordinances.
  • Model homes and unsold dwellings: Optional coverage protects models and their contents and completed homes that have not yet been sold.
  • Profit: Ability to include your profit in the total estimated completed value.

Coverage for larger, commercial jobs

Because of the flexibility of our Builders Risk Plan, there is no set size or value limitation. While certain guidelines exist, your agent will be able to help you insure even the largest and most intricate residential or commercial job.

Flexible options

To make the policy work for your business, we offer you a range of options:

  • Choice of monthly reporting form, single structure or deposit policy options gives you the flexibility to pay for the policy as you build the structure, rather than all at once
  • Annual or monthly rates
  • Volume discounts and installment premium payments available for larger builders
  • No deposit or special fee required, which lets you keep more of the money you make
  • No coinsurance penalty on losses under $25,000 if the structure is properly reported
  • Overhead and profit: Optional coverage to insure potential overhead and profit on a job
  • Builders Risk Reward Program, which offers a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to conviction in the case of arson, vandalism or theft at the job site
  • Option to have the policy in the owner’s name with the builder as an additional named insured
  • Policies available for Remodelers, including coverage for the existing structure if needed
  • Interest of subcontractors included – there’s no need to list subcontractors or sub-subcontractors as additional insureds

Please contact Macquel at 702.477.7776 for a more information on the Builders Risk Plan.