Las Vegas Home Owner Insurance Discounts

Below is a list of discounts commonly seen in homeowners insurance policies.

  • Homeowners/Auto Discount – A discount on your Homeowners or Renters Policy may be applied if the person named on the Homeowners or Renters policy, or their spouse, is also the person named on an Auto Policy.
  • Home/Life Discount – This discount applies if the specified criteria are met.
  • Protective Devices Discount – This discount applies when the insured maintains specified protection devices.
  • New Homes/Home Renovation Discount – Homes constructed during the current calendar year and the last 7-9 calendar years (depending on State) are acceptable for this discount. Homes which have been renovated are also acceptable for this discount provided the specified work has been completed by a qualified (licensed where required) contractor and the appropriate documentation submitted.
  • Interior Inspection – This discount is available to homeowners policyholders who agree to, and complete, an inspection of their home’s interior by an authorized inspector.
  • Age 50 Plus Discount – This discount applies if the oldest named insured is age 50 or older.
  • Non-Smoker Discount – Applies when all resident members of the household have not smoked tobacco products in the past 2 years.
  • Mortgage Origination Discount – This discount applies if the insured has a mortgage originated with Bank of America and is referred by Bank of America, subject to other qualifications.
  • Homeowners Association Discount – This discount is available if the home is located in a community that meets the definition of a “gated” or “secured” community.
  • Affinity Discount – This discount is available for insureds who are members of an “eligible” group and meet other specified criteria.

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