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Antique Car Insurance

Farmers offers collectible auto insurance through Foremost, the national leader in specialty insurance. Collectible Autos aren’t standard vehicles and that’s why specialty insurance is so important. From Classics to Modifieds, we know your car and we want to help you get the coverage you want. We cover all types of Collectible Autos, including:

  • Antiques
  • Modifieds
  • Muscle cars
  • Customs
  • Exotics
  • Kit cars
  • Replicars
  • Classics
  • Woodies
  • Hot rods
  • Foreign and American sports cars
  • And more!

Please contact Macquel at 702.477.7776 for more information on Las Vegas Collectible Auto Insurance.

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Personal Umbrella Insurance

You’ve worked so hard for your family, automobile, home, savings account — your entire life’s work. Personal umbrella insurance can help you protect these major assets from the unexpected. Some people think of Umbrella Insurance as “lawsuit protection”. We all see the attorneys advertise on TV every day.

Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage — over and above the limits on your automobile and other personal liability policies. This extra protection is available in $1 million increments up to $10 million and it’s NOT expensive. $1million dollars of coverage can cost less than $1 dollar a day. How’s that for peace of mind?

What is umbrella insurance?

An Umbrella policy is a very affordable way to keep an unexpected or extraordinary event from becoming a complete financial life-changer and turning your world upside down. Consider this: The average jury award for automobile accidents involving bodily injury and property damage exceeds $300,000. Liability awards for accidents in the home can be just as large.

What does umbrella insurance cover?

A standard umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage for:

  • Your primary residence
  • Two motorized vehicles
  • Small Sailboats
  • Motorboats with fewer than 50 horsepower

But you can also add optional umbrella coverage for other property and situations: Additional motorized vehicles; secondary or vacation homes; rental properties; unlicensed recreational vehicles; jet skis and jet sleds, vacant land; and uninsured/underinsured motorists.

Additional Umbrella Policy Features you might not know about

Personal umbrella insurance follows you anywhere in the world, and features additional coverage your underlying policies might not include. For instance: It can help with legal fees and damages if you’re accused of slander in a social media post.

Add umbrella insurance coverage to existing liability coverage

An umbrella insurance policy builds on the liability coverage of two underlying policies: auto and homeowners or renters.

Call our Team of Risk Advisors at 702-477-7776 to get the details on how an Umbrella Policy can help protect you and your family.

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Las Vegas Individual Health Insurance

Las Vegas Health Insurance for Individuals and Families

M Hill Insurance Agency would like to assist you and your family to obtain the kind of Las Vegas Health Insurance that not only gives you peace of mind… but really great coverage! Please contact us for a fast & friendly quote on Las Vegas Health Insurance.

Call Our Las Vegas Health Insurance Expert at 702.477.7776

We offer nearly all types of Las Vegas health insurance plans at all price points from very low cost policies to high cost and everything in between.

We carry Las Vegas health insurance health plan types such as HMO, PPO, POS, Health Savings Accounts, and even Short Term Medical for folks between jobs and graduating college students. We even offer health plans with maternity coverage for those planning families.

We represent most of the popular Las Vegas health insurance companies such as Sierra Health, United Health Care, Health Plan of Nevada, Golden Rule, John Alden, Assurant Health and many more.

We can almost always find a plan that meets your needs AND fits your budget!

Call Our Las Vegas Health Insurance Expert at 702.477.7776

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Travel Trailer Insurance

The Bleecher Agency offers travel trailer insurance through the national leader in specialty insurance. We’ve developed specialized insurance programs for travel trailers that provide the kind of coverage to give you real peace of mind, so you can sit back and enjoy your trip. Covered travel trailers include:

  • Fifth-wheels
  • Pop-up campers
  • Stationary travel trailers
  • Park model travel trailers
  • Truck-mounted campers

Contact Macquel at 702.477.7776 for more information on Las Vegas Travel Trailer Insurance.

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Motor Home Insurance

Farmers offers motor home insurance through Foremost, the national leader in specialty insurance. Your RV is more than just an automobile and it needs more than standard auto insurance. Our specialized motor home insurance can provide you with the coverage you want to enjoy the RV lifestyle you love. We accept almost every type of motor home in America today. And we provide important standard and optional coverages not available in typical auto policies, or in the stripped down RV policies offered by other companies. Covered motor homes include:

    • Class A, B and C motor homes
    • Luxury motor homes
    • Full-timers
    • Find a local Farmers Agent near you to learn more about how you can get a motor home policy from the nation’s leader in specialized insurance.

Call Macquel at 702.477.7776 for more information on Las Vegas Motor Home Insurance.

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Las Vegas Mobile Home Insurance

In Las Vegas, M Hill Insurance Agency offers mobile home insurance and manufactured home insurance through the national leader in specialty & mobile home insurance. That means we set the standard for superior coverage when it comes to mobile home insurance.

Your individual needs may vary, but if you need Las Vegas mobile home insurance that insures more than just your home, you want a policy that covers your personal belongings and any unattached structures. Plus, you want the comfort of knowing that you have personal liability protection.

We Can Save You Money on Las Vegas Mobile Home Insurance !

We can save you money! Ask us about discounts on Las Vegas Mobile Home Insurance.

Las Vegas Mobile Home Insurance Can Cover the Following:

  • Multi-sectional and modular homes
  • Single-wide and double-wide mobile homes
  • New homes
  • Older homes
  • In a park or on private property
  • Primary, rental and commercial mobile homes
  • No limits on age or value

Please contact Macquel at 702.477.7776 for more information on Las Vegas Mobile Home Insurance.

Shop for a Las Vegas Mobile Home Online at SeniorMobiles.com

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Specialty Homeowners

The M Hill Insurance Agency offers specialty homeowners insurance through the national leader in specialty insurance that is designed for homes that don’t qualify for “standard” or “preferred” homeowners coverage, such as:

  • Vacant Homes in Las Vegas and Nevada
  • Older and lower-value homes
  • Landlord properties (up to four living units per dwelling)
  • Homes with minor cosmetic problems
  • Homes with a market value below replacement cost
  • Applicants with credit and/or loss problems
  • And more!

Get Expanded Coverage for Special Needs

Home Insurance Articles:

Click here to read articles about Las Vegas Home Insurance

Please contact Macquel at 702.477.7776 to learn more about how you can get a specialized Las Vegas Homeowners Insurance policy.

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Off-Road Vehicle Insurance Policies

The M Hill Insurance Agency offers off-road vehicle insurance through the national leader in specialty insurance. That means we specialize in offering the kind of off-road vehicle coverage that gives you real peace of mind. A specialized off-road insurance policy means that you’re covered whether you’re out enjoying the trail on your dirt bike, climbing dunes in your dune buggy, off-roading on your ATV or taking a leisurely spin in your golf cart. We can help you protect your investment with important standard and optional off-road vehicle coverages so you can enjoy every trip off the beaten path. Covered vehicles include:

  • Snowmobiles
  • Dirt bikes
  • Dune buggies
  • Golf carts
  • 3-, 4- and 6-wheel ATVs
  • And more

Motorcycle Insurance

Please contact Macquel at 702.477.7776 to learn more about how you can get a specialized Las Vegas Motorcycle Insurance policy

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Las Vegas Homeowner Insurance

Las Vegas Homeowner Insurance

Next Generation Coverage Package

Next Generation offers coverage you won’t find in traditional Las Vegas Homeowner Insurance policies. It also offers higher limits on a wide range of personal property, including securities, manuscripts, watercraft and trailers.

We can nearly always save you money because Farmers has more discounts than any other company. Click here to see the available discounts for Las Vegas Homeowners Insurance Coverages.

Extra Homeowner property coverage in Las Vegas

With Farmers Next Generation Las Vegas Homeowner Insurance Package, your house and separate structures are covered for a wide range of damage, except for the common exclusions listed in your policy, such as wear and tear, earth movement, flood, nuclear hazard and earthquake.

Your house and any attached structures, including wall-to-wall carpeting, are covered up to 125 percent of the limit you select. A code upgrade endorsement is available for an additional charge.

Even separate structures on your property, such as a detached garage or toolshed, are covered up to 10 percent of the coverage on your home. Separate structures used for business purposes are not covered in the basic policy, but may be insured for additional premium.

Are You a Secondary or Vacation Homeowner in Las Vegas?

Your Next Generation Las Vegas Homeowner Insurance policy covers your personal property, anywhere in the world, for up to 75 percent of the amount of coverage on your home. However, if your personal property is located at a secondary residence, such as a vacation home, the policy pays up to $1,000 or 10 percent of the on-premises coverage, whichever is greater.

Your personal property is covered for damages resulting from:

  • Fire or lightning
  • Windstorm or hail
  • Explosion
  • Damage to glass
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Falling objects
  • Aircraft
  • Vehicles
  • Volcanic action
  • Smoke damage: sudden and accidental
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Weight of ice, snow or sleet
  • Water or steam: sudden and accidental discharge of water andsteam from plumbing system or appliances
  • Bulging, cracking, and burning of steam-or hot-water-heating systems and water heaters
  • Artificially generated electrical current (this does not include loss to tubes, transistors or similar electronic components)
  • Freezing of plumbing, heating, air-conditioning system, appliance

Additional Las Vegas Homeowner Insurance Coverages

If you can’t live in your house after a covered loss, we cover the additional cost of meals, living in hotels, etc. Your coverage pays for up to 50 percent of the amount of insurance on your house as an additional coverage, with no deductible, for up to one year. This limit includes reimbursement of any loss of rents resulting from the rented portion of your house or property being unlivable.

Your coverage pays up to an additional 5 percent of the amount of coverage on your house and no more than $500 per item for loss by fire or lightning, explosion, riot or civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles not owned or operated by a family member, vandalism and theft.

Our Contents Replacement Cost coverage includes the cost of repair or replacement without deduction for depreciation. This additional coverage pays replacement cost if the insured repairs or replaces his or her damaged or destroyed personal property before he or she receives payment. Otherwise, covered loses will be settled at actual cash value, but not more than the policy limit. You pay extra for this coverage on other policies, but with Next Generation it’s provided at no additional charge.

Las Vegas Homeowner Insurance Liability Coverage

Your coverage pays for bodily injuries to other people or damage to their property (if you are liable) resulting from:

The use of your premises, including swimming pools (Otherresidential property you use as a rental can also be added)

The acts of your pets

Unintentional acts committed by you or qualified family members, either on or off your premises All medical payments for other people injured on your premises, regardless of your liability, will be paid up to the limits you determine.

Additional coverages

Emergency First Aid pays expenses you incur for necessary medical aid to other people at the time of an accident covered by the policy.

Damage to Property of Others pays up to $500 for damage to property of others caused by you or your qualified family member when you or they are not legally liable.


  • Your coverage pays expenses in a suit we defend on your behalf, such as court costs, attorney fees, investigator fees, expense of witnesses and witness fees.
  • Any expenses you incur at Farmers’ request, including up to $60 a day for actual loss of wages are covered.
  • Farmers also pays the premium on appeal bonds and bonds torelease attachments.


Mortgage Protection

Our Mortgage Protection plan is designed to eliminate financial risk by providing cash to pay off the mortgage balance or to continue the monthly payments in the event of your or your spouse’s death.

Personal Articles floater

This extends coverage for your personal articles, such as jewelry, furs or fine arts, when their value is higher than the limits stated in your policy.


Non-Smoker discount

If qualified family members have not smoked tobacco products in the past two years, you can save money with our non-smoker discount.

Protective Devices discount

You may qualify for this discount if your home is equipped with a burglar alarm or an automatic sprinkler system.

Auto/Home discount

By insuring your auto(s) and home with Farmers, you may qualify for the Auto/Home discount.

50 Plus discount

Age has its privileges — if you are 50 or more years old, you may qualify for our 50 Plus discount.

New Homes/Home Renovation discount**

Homes constructed within the past eight years, or with recently renovated plumbing, electrical, and heating/air-conditioning systems, may qualify for a discount.

*Not available in all states **Electrical Systems discount in Minnesota and Missouri

Discover the advantage of personal service

These days, many insurance companies deal with their customers only by mail or phone. But when you choose Farmers, you have a personal, professional agent helping you every step of the way. Here’s how the personal touch can make a difference to you:

  • Your Farmers agent will work with you to identify your needs.
  • When the unexpected happens, our award-winning HelpPoint claims service is there 24/7 to help you get back where you belong. Our trained customer service representatives can provide support at a time of stress and help you restore your world to order.
  • Periodically, your agent can offer a Farmers Friendly Review® and help update your coverage if necessary.

This flyer is a general description of coverage and is not a policy contract. The policy itself should be read for your coverages and exclusions.

Please contact Macquel at 702.477.7776 for more information on Las Vegas Home Insurance.

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Las Vegas Home Owners Insurance

Las Vegas Home Insurance Agent

Whether you own a Las Vegas home or condo, M Hill Insurance Agency has an insurance program to protect you, your home, and your belongings. Please call us at 702.477.7776 for a fast and friendly quote.

Why do I need Las Vegas Home Insurance?

Protect your Home, Protect your belongings, and Protect the assets you’ve worked so hard for!

Dwellings and other structures – For most of us, our home is the single, largest investment we will make. Home owners insurance provides coverages for damage to your home and other structures on your property such as a shed or detached garage.

Personal Property – Home owners insurance also provides coverage for your household contents and personal belongings. You may think your couch, coffee table, sweaters, shoes, coats, TV, VCR and CD player aren’t worth a lot but those items all add up.

Personal Liability – Finally, in the event someone is injured on your property or you damage property that belongs to others, you could be held legally liable for the injury or damage. The home owners policy provides personal liability coverage to financially protect you should this ever occur.

Enjoy the benefits of a Las Vegas home insurance policy even if you rent or own a condominium. If you rent or own a condominium, you still need coverage for your household contents and personal belongings and personal liability. There are specific policies designed for those who rent or own condominiums. Click here to learn more about Las Vegas Renters Insurance

Get Expanded Home Insurance Coverage for Special Needs

Click Here for Info On: Las Vegas Homeowner Insurance – Next Generation Policy for Expanded Coverage on your Las Vegas Home!

Las Vegas Home Warranties

Home Warranties – AHS American Home Shield

Las Vegas Home Insurance Articles:

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Las Vegas Home Insurance Questions Answered on Video! 
Maria Bleecher is interviewed by Rich Newman on the Las Vegas real estate television show The House Detective. They discuss Las Vegas Home Insurance issues for local residents.

Call Macquel at 702.477.7776 for more information on Las Vegas Home Insurance.